Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Could it get any better?


I feel like a bit of a cheat here.  This is not my dog. In fact this is not my photograph.

But it is my view from the local beach and the dog and photo belong to a friend of mine, Maree.

I’m sure that she won’t mind me showing you this beautiful and peaceful scene.



  1. Just beautiful. I must take a drive down that way now I am a lady of leisure.

    1. Yes you could but it's a bit of a drive from your place. We're about one hour's drive south of Hobart.
      But do let me know if you plan a day out. It would be good to meet.

  2. I would love to meet up, I still have your email so will contact you and make a plan. I drive doesn't worry me, today I drove 3 hrs to go north. Will be back south next week.