Monday, June 6, 2011

Newspaper Headlines


Yes we have snow on the mountains – but the rally yesterday was just windy and sunny. I mean really, really windy. The icy blast came well after the rally had finished. The stage looked like an upside down jumping castle, in that it was inflated and there were a couple of gusts there that had it moving side to side. When we first arrived there was a small group of people in a percussion band – using garbage bins. They were extremely good and very entertaining but I can’t remember what they were called. I know the name had the word trash in it somewhere. Anyway I really enjoyed them. There was a brief introduction by the Secretary of Unions Tasmania and then the three main speakers for the rally with not a politician in sight. They delivered the sobering facts of climate change and the consequences of “head in the sand” philosophy. There was huge encouragement to keep pushing for change and to ignore the scare-mongering of certain politicians (that man’s name will Never appear on this blog – but you know who I mean!). After the speakers we were then entertained by local talent “The Bedroom Philosopher” (he’s from Burnie) who complained about having to perform on a Sunday morning with a hangover. But he managed to keep us laughing and all too soon it was all over and time to go and do the monthly shop on the way home from Hobart. We had hoped to be home before the rain/snow came and we almost made it. Later that evening M received a text message from his son “Hey, you’re on the TV old man!” I guess M and his SOS flag had received a bit of camera coverage at some stage. We were able to bring home one of the posters too so it’s now sitting in the front window of the house to hopefully make people think and talk about this important issue.

And the other fabulous headline in today’s Mercury newspaper; -


Escaped pig disrupts traffic     pig99

I love living in the country.


ps. the pig was finally cornered at “Ham Common” – I kid you not!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It’s here (winter)

first frost2              first frost

first frost3


Oh yes, it was cold this morning. The first day of winter certainly lived up to its name!

As I entered the chook house to give them their breakfast, the frost on the roof melted and dripped down the back of my neck. I knew there was a reason that I had long hair before – I wouldn’t have felt it four weeks ago (pre-haircut)!