Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The story so far….

It’s a brand new year and has much changed? Well, not in my life – so far.

We returned from our trip to South Australia on the 31st December 2011 and were planning to go out and party with friends. But, once I got home and saw the state of the garden and realised how much work was ahead of us, and then sat down in MY chair in MY lounge I didn’t want to go out. So we didn’t. We watched the Melbourne fireworks on the television followed by Rage in Retro and I ended up staying up until after 2am! You know the story, “I’m going to bed when a song I don’t like comes on.” It took a while.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This is Terry in the back garden wondering where all this green grass has come from. M has already started on the ride on mower as you can see but I have yet to tackle the weeds in this photo. I have since had the trusty brush cutter in hand and have the blisters to prove it. It’s starting to come back to normal – slowly.

But of course the big news is THE wedding. It all happened as planned despite torrential rain and thunderstorms and the worry that the bridegroom might not be well enough. The ceremony was being held at 3.30pm on the banks of Westlakes, a man-made lake in Adelaide’s western suburbs and the reception at a nearby Greek restaurant, Zach’s.

It poured with rain all morning. It was cloudy, windy and thunderstorms were forecast for later in the day. But, at 3.00pm, the rain stopped. It was still windy and the sky looked magnificent with its looming storm clouds but nobody got wet. The last formal photographs were just about finished and there were a few drops, but we had enough time to get in the cars and speed back to the hotel before the rain started in earnest. IT WAS TORRENTIAL. It was like Queensland rain (there were a few Queenslanders at the wedding).

And here they are ……



three women

Yes, that’s me, my daughter Sara the bride and my other daughter Naomi the bridesmaid. And I suddenly realise that I look so much like my mother, now that I am grey (and fat) and wearing a frock!

It was a fabulous day and my daughter looked radiant and enjoyed it so much that she said that she wanted to get married every weekend! I handed over the rings without dropping them (although we nearly didn’t get there, but that’s another story) and I only had to blink the tears away once. Sara’s new husband already has two sons and the oldest, who is fifteen, was invited to give a speech at the reception after his Dad. Now this boy is a typical teenager and I like him a lot despite that fact. Well, he stood up in front of about sixty people and welcomed my daughter and her son into the family and, turning to face her, then said “Sara I’m very happy because I love you a lot”. Oh my, there wasn't a dry eye in the house and once Sara grabbed him and gave him a big hug there was a tremendous cheer from us all.

I think that this holiday story may have to be continued, like a saga. So stay tuned.