Monday, June 21, 2010

I Promise I'm not Starving

But the fridge isn't quite sparkling - yet.

What is it about cleaning fridges and stoves that makes those tasks so incredibly boring? I have procrastinated all day but I will have to do it tomorrow, I suppose, maybe, perhaps.......

As you can see, there are still vegetables in the bottom drawer and eggs and assorted condiments but not much else. My root vegetables are stored in sacks in the laundry outside, always have been, so what do I usually have filling the other two shelves?

And the answer is - I don't know! I suppose there's usually a small bowl of leftovers, a bag of mushrooms and some home made yoghurt. But that wouldn't fill the shelves. I'm totally flummoxed (what a great word that one is!). No doubt, once I've been shopping at the end of the week I'll find out what's usually there and will be complaining about lack of space again!

On another note - M and I were in Hobart a couple of weeks ago. I had been persuaded to go shopping with him as although we've been in this house about 18 months, we were still lacking a few light shades for the hall and lounge. It's not bothered me too much as we usually have the standard lamp on in the lounge but it was disconcerting in the hallway.

So against my better judgement I agreed to go.

We left home at 8.30am, it was going to be a long day as M had a pretty long list! So, first we had to get the new tarp for the boat, followed by nuts and screws for - something, a quick visit with the solicitor (I had a book with me), a stop at the lifeline op shop where HE picked up six pairs of pants for $20 (I kid you not) and then he was hungry for lunch. That's where I discovered that I hadn't remembered to put my purse in my bag - so he had to pay. At 2.30pm we finally went to the light shop. I wasn't very impressed but I was not coming up on another day so we chose some plain shades for the lounge and a green, sort of old fashioned shade for the hall.

So was that it? No. On the way home we stopped off at the supermarket and bought supplies for the next three weeks. We got home at 5.30pm and boy was Terry (the dog) pissed off! As were the chooks. Sigh.....

Luckily I had made a huge pot of soup for tea as I know what these expeditions are like and after one of them, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking.

And the six pairs of pants? Well they are all too long so guess who has to take them up. Yep, three pairs pinned and tacked, three to go..............


Friday, June 18, 2010

Nearly there

I think in my last post I said something like "It shouldn't be as busy". Ha! Boy did I get that one wrong. When there are four grown and fairly large men, with corresponding appetites, doing very physical work from 8.30am - 5.30pm they get very, very hungry. Two of the workers are staying with us as they are friends who live in Hobart, so the day begins with breakfast and then continues on (and on and on).
On the first day I was prepared with the chocolate cake and gingernuts that I made last week for their morning tea. Once they had demolished that, I did all the dishes. I then made a huge pot of homemade vegetable soup with homemade bread for lunch. That went down really well too, but they didn't quite finish it all so I thought hmmm, maybe tomorrow. And then I did all the dishes, again.
I prepared a Madras Chicken curry for dinner that night with rice, vegetables with a satay type sauce which was to be followed by homemade apple crumble. Naturally we had the chutneys, pickles and poppadoms with the curry. They couldn't finish the curry and didn't touch the apple crumble. More leftovers. And then I did all the dishes, again.
I had to work on Wednesday so I prepared morning tea for them and left instructions re the leftovers for lunch. When I returned from work, I couldn't see the sink for dishes! But they'd finished the soup, the curry and chocolate cake. So I washed all the dishes and quickly made up a spaghetti bolognese with a large green salad. We still had the apple crumble in the fridge.
They didn't finish all the spaghetti, so I put that in the fridge but all the salad had gone. We didn't touch the apple crumble. And then I did all the dishes, again.
Yesterday I made some butterscotch brownies for morning tea, 12 bread rolls to have with assorted sandwich toppings and a loaf of bread. Morning tea was enjoyed and then I did the dishes. The guys made up their own rolls for their lunch, salami, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce, followed by oranges. And then I did the dishes, again.
Dinner last night was a corned silverside of beef with potatoes, pumpkin, silver beet and broccoli from the garden, and a cheese sauce. That was demolished and finally the apple crumble was brought out with ice cream! And then I did the dishes, again.
Today, Friday, we've had morning tea. All the gingernuts have gone and there's just a small portion of the butterscotch brownies left. And I've done the dishes, again. It's going to be left over spaghetti for lunch and if they can fit dessert in, guess what, yep, apple crumble. No doubt there'll be a few more dishes! I'm making another loaf of bread for the weekend too.
The roof won't be finished tonight and the guttering is still lying on the ground, but the crew has to return to Hobart tonight and M leaves for Melbourne on Sunday morning for the week. So please, no leaks whilst he's away. Once M is back from Melbourne, the crew will return to finish the job. But hopefully it will only take one or two days and I will have had a week's break from cooking, baking and washing dishes!
It sounds like a huge whine, but I don't mean it to. The guys are all working so hard and they're easy to please re food, it's been fun having them around. I'm not used to all the extra mouths to feed and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself that I haven't actually gone into meltdown!
I am looking forward to a quiet night tonight though..........

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Week - Busy, Busy, Busy

It all started on Friday 4th June. That was the day that my sister was cremated in the UK. I couldn't be there but I had written something to be read at the service and had worked out what time it would be here in Oz. That was 8pm and so I planned to sit down in the lounge and be very naughty and have a cigarette (I don't smoke in the house usually) and a glass of red in memory of my sister Betty.
It was Men's night and I knew that M would be out so I was prepared to give her a toast and probably shed a few tears. Somehow the guys took ages to leave our house and then one of my friends arrived so I never had the chance to cook and eat dinner that night. Fatal mistake!
My friend had arrived with a bottle of red wine and she was allowed to stay on the proviso that at the appointed time she would join me in a toast. She agreed, naturally. At the appointed time we raised our glasses and I sent my sister off with best wishes and an invitation to visit whenever she could!
So we finished my friend's bottle and I thought it would be rude if I didn't offer her one of ours. So I did, and then we drank that. The next thing is that M returned with a couple of the guys and we all had a whiskey (my sister loved whiskey too!)
Remember I've had nothing to eat all day bar a bowl of muesli and a banana for breakfast.
We got to bed at 3am.
I didn't get out of bed until 11.50am the next day and to be truthful I should have stayed there as I was no good for anything all day. It was a good send off but I don't think I could do it again!
Then on Tuesday 8th June it was my birthday and my friend and I went out to lunch as M was working all day. It was a beautiful day and we sat in a restaurant with views of the beautiful Huon River and ate lamb shanks, yum.
That night another two friends arrived, with dinner. A beautiful beef rendang with all the accompaniments. And champagne, lots of it. But this time I was very careful and we ate and drank and laughed and had a very good time.
Wednesday 9th June I had to go to work and M's son came to dinner that night. So again it felt like a busy and frantic day.
Thursday 10th June I had to drive up to Hobart to have the dog, Terry, micro chipped. I made a huge pot of soup for tea, using a ham hock and lentils. Then I went off to book group that night.
Friday 11th June and I wasn't going anywhere. I stayed in the kitchen all day and made a loaf of bread, a chocolate cake and a batch of ginger nut biscuits, as is shown in the photo above. I bet you were all wondering what a photo of food had to do with the rest of the post!
Saturday 12th June we were invited out to a friends for dinner and blow me on Sunday 13th June, other friends have invited us up to their farm for dinner tonight - which is why I'm rushing now.
Through all of those last days, rushing around etc., we have also had all the usual visitors popping in and having tea etc. so yes, busy, busy, busy.
And next week? It should be a quiet one. We're having a new roof put on the house and there'll be an extra three men for morning tea and lunch until its finished. Um, maybe not that quiet then.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bali - I think so

Yep, we've done it, we've booked this amazing villa in Ubud, Bali. And we've booked and paid for the air fares so on 31st July we head to Melbourne and the next day fly to Bali.
Neither M nor I have ever been before and because of the drunk aussie reputation its always had, have never really thought about going until now.
But the thought of breaking up the Tassie winter and going somewhere warm, with its own saltwater pool, and breakfast prepared daily for us, I think that it's going to be soooooo good! Ubud is heading up to the mountains so hopefully we won't find the heat too oppressive. I'm so excited, our first real holiday together in ten years! Plus hopefully all the drunks will stay down at the beach and nightspots. It does make me sound very judgmental but I feel so ashamed of the behaviour of some of our aussie population.
I'm sure I was probably just as bad when I was young and doing the British visit to the Costa Brava in Spain, following all the boys who were looking for Watney's Red Barrel (beer).
But I'm much older now and have a lot more respect for people and our planet.
So in less than two months we'll be away. I just have to find someone to dog and chook sit. Any offers?