Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another learning curve

On the eve of my 57th birthday I've decided to have a go at this blogging business.

I have enjoyed reading what other people with the same interests as me have written and I hope to learn a lot more.

At this stage I'm not really sure about what everything means but....

In seven years I have been able to drop back from a mad and frantic fulltime position in the city to a two days (starting tomorrow) hopefully mellow job in the country. The change has come about slowly, my seachange from one State in Australia to another occurred in 2002. I dropped from 4 days down to three days and now yippee two days.

I realised that there is so much to do and learn about living thoughtfully and more sustainably. To be fair and realistic, my partner requires some office help with his new business so I will work for him for one days pay per week, but I can do that in my trackies at home!

We recently moved in together after being "an item" for seven years (can't rush these things) and the garden is BIG with over thirty fruit trees and more coming. There's room for chooks, veggies and even sheep if we wanted, and I do want chooks and I've already planted the veggies. But reading other blogs there's so much more. There's soap making and cheese making and baking and sewing etc. it's all a bit overwhelming. I've already started the woodwork classes at the local high school and we do practise trying to be green but I have such a long way to go.