Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick update …..

Okay, first of all I wish everyone a very happy and safe festive season.

Tomorrow we leave for South Australia as my younger daughter is to be married on Saturday. I live here in Tasmania and it has been hard dealing with the fact that I haven’t been able to help her with the wedding arrangements these last few months. Luckily she has a wonderful older sister who has been married before and she has been there for her. There has been trouble with dresses (all sorted now), flowers (they were going to charge $120 delivery) but big sister is now going to collect them, photography (the charges are only for one site and that is the garden setting – charging more to do a “pretend” cutting of the cake), weather (it’s changed from sunny and 32 degrees to rain and 25 – eek) and the piece de resistance – the bridegroom was carted off to hospital at 4am this morning with terrible pains in his belly!

This is the groom who had a serious bike accident earlier this year and lost his spleen. He is now on medication for the rest of his life and has been taking it carefully. He lay in “emergency” for five hours before he was seen by a doctor. All I know so far is that they are waiting for the results of a cat scan. I’ll try and let you know what happens next……

But on a happier note, Thelma the chook is fine. Last week I noticed that there wasn’t the reticence to come outside as it has been for a while and after bolting outside she “took up the position” quite willingly with Ron the rooster. Sure enough, I had a lovely brown egg to join Eddie’s white ones. However, Thelma has decided not to wait for Eddie to finish on the nest and has chosen another spot on the floor of the chook shed – good for her! They’re probably going to sulk until new year when we return!

We leave tomorrow at midday and will drive up to Devonport to catch the ferry. That should take us about five hours in the car. We have a cabin on the boat so we should sleep – a little -  we arrive in Melbourne around 6am, phew. Then we have the drive from Melbourne to Adelaide which we will break up as I can’t sit for that long in a car. We’ll probably stop at Bordertown for the night. If everything goes according to plan we’ll be in Adelaide by Friday lunch. A quick trip to the wonderful market there and then down to my friend Sally’s house.

The wedding is on the Saturday and M’s birthday is the next day, Sunday, hmmmmm. We plan to stay for Christmas, the first one with my family for a number of years, and then on the 27th December we will leave for the Great Ocean Road trip back to Melbourne. We will catch the boat on the 30th December, it’s a day trip, and will arrive back in good old Tassie at 6pm that night. We will then drive to Launceston to visit M’s parents and finish the drive home the following day!

Needless to say the New Year’s Eve party is NOT at our house!

So, that’s the plan.  I hope it works out. I just have to worry about “shaving legs, stockings or not, new shoes and not dropping the ring in the grass when I hand it over to the groom. My daughter wanted me to be part of the ceremony so that’s my job.

Best wishes to all and I’ll see you next year.