Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh my – could I have a creative side?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                         wreath2


I made this. All from greenery available in the garden and red velvet tree decorations that I have had for years.  (And a bit of fishing line).

I’m so excited because I think it looks pretty – and did I tell you that I made it?

It’s probably not quite round and I do hope that it doesn’t die before Christmas but I suppose there’s plenty more greenery in the garden.

Looking at the picture, I really need to put something green on the veranda – soon. And finish the painting, sigh.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Overkill perhaps?

dome                  dome2

I had mentioned to M that there were plenty of Olive blossoms coming on the tree and that we needed to cover it before the birds realised.

I was expecting a bit of netting thrown over the top of the tree. This is what John and M came up with – The Dome – which is almost a garden feature in it’s own right!

I have gently pointed out that Blackbirds are known to hop along the ground but M is positive that the netting and the one hanging cd in the centre will deter all pesky vermin. I have added another shiny hanging “thing” from the bottom to also deter.

We shall see.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ta da!

grrowinghouse3     growinghouse4


We were lucky to have unexpected guests from Queensland on the weekend. Every time they come, which is usually around Christmas, they help us with little “projects”. Well, at 6.30am, last Sunday, John woke M and said that it was time to get the plastic on as the wind was going to get stronger as the day moved on.

Two hours later they were back inside having breakfast and one hour after that they were both comfortably lying back in the recliners having their siestas!

Before the day ended I had all the extra tomatoes, eggplants, corn, cucumber, cauliflower and rock melons planted. The only thing that remains is another door for the rear of the house and woodchips on the weed mat on the floor. I love it. Thanks John and Cathy for helping us so much last week – even though you’re on holiday!

Stay tuned as tomorrow I’ll feature the other little “project”.


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Monday, December 6, 2010

It’s slowly happening

       growinghouse                                                       growinghouse2


Over the past week M has only been able to spend a few hours working on the new grow house. We are now at the point that the plastic can be placed carefully over the top. This is the part that I am definitely not looking forward to – we will have to ensure that it is not a windy day and try and get it as taut as possible before it is stapled to the wooden battens. Then I will be able to plant my eggplants in the warmth of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, I dug up 20 of my garlic this morning as they looked pretty ready, and one beetroot. I have never grown either before and I am very happy with the results so far. I do have about another forty garlic to go but I will leave them a bit longer as they are a different variety and need to grow a bit more. I’m leaving the rest of the beetroot too – I was just impatient with the one below. It’s a Chioggia beetroot and I hope that it has the telltale stripes.

beetroot I have also taken the rest of my tomatoes out of the cold frame to harden up a little before planting.


And now it’s back outside to plant some beans.