Thursday, September 30, 2010



Today was the first day of sunshine and no wind. I planned to put the little seedlings into larger pots and then into the grow house to toughen them up before going into the veggie beds.

disaster2 Well, this week all plans seem to have gone out of the window. I had to go to work earlier than usual yesterday because at 1.30pm I had to go to a funeral service. This meant that this morning I had to go back and finish the work. Then a very dear friend arrived, distressed, so another couple of hours slipped by.

Finally, I gathered the necessary tools together and carefully carried the seedling trays out to the table. I put about 80 tiny tomato seedlings into the two larger pots, they were very small plants. I labelled them carefully and added a couple of zucchini seedlings and placed them carefully in my newly re-constructed grow house. I also added cauliflower and broccoli seedlings above them.

M’s grand-daughter was coming after school so I went inside to get afternoon tea ready and when she arrived we had a chat and I went up to the chook house to give them the apple peelings.

Which was when I saw that the whole grow house had collapsed on itself and that all the tomato seedlings (which I had carefully labelled this year) were covered under the soil from the pots. I could have cried. M had gone out with his grand-daughter and the dog but when they arrived home they came to see why I was on my knees carefully putting soil back into pots.

Naturally, M had to say it. “I told you it wouldn’t work”. It didn’t help my mood and if little D hadn’t been here I think that some very rude words might have passed my lips.

They had already said that they were going to cook dinner (which is going to be curried sausages – not a favourite of mine) and I dread what it will be like. Since moving in together M has been very content to let me do all the cooking. I think this might be the first meal that he has cooked in about 21 months and he’s never cooked curried sausages before!

I tried to make a couple of suggestions but as they were not appreciated I left the kitchen and came to type my post.

I think we might have to scramble some eggs later………



  1. Big breath....... Breathe in breathe out. Hope you get it all sorted. Hope your dinner was tasty no matter what you had!

  2. Thanks bluezbandit but dinner was absolutely awful! I couldn't eat it but little D valiantly tried, assisted with four very large glasses of water - and ice!(Incidentally, the apple crumble that I had been asked to make went down a treat but I'd lost my appetite by then).
    I managed to save the top half of the grow house and have sat it on a table with the plastic cover over it. It's only a temporary measure and luckily there was no frost last night and none forecast over the weekend.
    So after the in-laws have left I'll have another go at finding a sheltered spot.

  3. Oh no, what bad luck! And , if it helps at all, I hate curried sausages too! In fact I have never had a sausage I liked; they just taste like salt, to me. What a bugger about the tomato seedlings.... I might have some for you in a couple of weeks.... I am running late with mine.

  4. Thanks Kate but I'm hoping that the tomato seedlings that I managed to scoop back into the pots will be as "hardy" as everyone is telling me! I have more seeds too.
    And I think somebody might have had a bit of a guilty conscience as when he came back from Hobart yesterday I was given a brand new cold frame for the garden. I haven't had time to set it all up yet as in-laws are here but on Monday.....


  5. oh dear! See what you mean now - but great to hear that they've survived - also totally understand about wanting to cry - I just stood there looking at mine today saying 'oh no' over and over again!
    I felt like I was 9 years old and wanted to stamp my food and blub!!