Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wind Damage – Noooooo!

hothouse Yes, this was last year’s little hothouse.


Not looking too good is it?


Very sad in fact.

When I pulled it apart I could see the broken plastic connections and a few holes in the cover. So, what to do, could it be repaired? Well, the only way to find out was to sort all the pieces out and have a look in the shed for tape or glue etc. I did find some very, very sticky tape which seemed quite strong, if not pretty, so I sat down at the table and pieced it all together again. M thought I had lost it totally, but I kept saying that if it works I’ve saved us $70!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                       taped hothouse right2

Ta Da!

The only problem is that after I had taped and re-erected the frame I discovered that the zip on one side of the cover is broken. But all is not lost, I’m still thinking about that one. Another bonus is that it did give me the chance to pull out all the weeds around the site and the chooks had a lovely time scratching around.



  1. And the environment thanks you too, I'm sure.

  2. Our mini greenhouse (from Green Harvest, but not their regular one they sell, it was a substitute they had one time when the other type had sold out) was bloody hopeless with falling apart, but my husband glued the frame together and that has worked well... except that he ripped a small hole in the cover when putting the frame back! A bit of wind, the hole got bigger (I asked him to tape it up, which would have saved it, I think) but after some more wind, it got shredded & ruined... it was brittle from the sun anyway, so he says. I got a replacement cover from Green Harvest for $25, and though it is too short (it fits their usual type, not the sub type I bought) it still works well for the upper levels! One day soon, I hope to have a big proper greenhouse!!

  3. I so am pushing for a "real" greenhouse too! But I have to move my seedlings out of the kitchen soon - the in-laws are coming for the weekend. So I'm going to give the little plastic house a go, after this wild weather has gone. Yes, it's cold and windy again, currently 4 degrees. I will look at Green Harvest too. Thanks Dixiebelle, I knew somebody would be able to suggest a remedy.

    Melinda, I try to think of the environment, but sometimes it can be a false economy. But if this little house can hold itself together for just a little while longer .......