Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fig & Walnut Loaf

fig & walnut loaf2 I’ve been in the kitchen baking again today. Another friend with a birthday, a significant number – 50 – but this loaf above isn’t the gift. This one is for M and me, and whoever else pops in for tea and/or coffee. There’s no dairy or sugar in this loaf, just flour, bicarbonate of soda, treacle, all spice, dried apricots, figs, raisins and walnuts. It’s cooling on the bench because once it’s absolutely cool I have to wrap it in glad wrap and foil and then leave it for two days! The smell is divine and very tempting but it is off limits to all!


Naturally I found the recipe on the internet, I’m beginning to wonder what I should do with  my library of recipe books now, as I usually just come straight to the computer these days. What have you done? Or do you still use your recipe books with all your favourites?

What I have made for my friend is a batch of Butterscotch Brownies which I’ve posted about before. The friend who received them last time is still talking about them! Once again, all thanks to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial blog spot for that one. I also made some tried and true Anzac biscuits to go in the home crocheted shopping bag which I made which will also hold the pretty bowl I brought back from Bali.

This friend doesn’t know that we’re all going to be at the restaurant tomorrow night. Her mother has organised for her sisters to come from New South Wales and a few close friends to surprise her. My friend thinks that she’s going out for dinner with her Mum and husband. I’ve just had a thought, what if she reads my blog? It could ruin the whole surprise. So now, I’m not going to publish this until Sunday – just in case.

So whilst you’re reading this, can you pretend it’s Friday 24th September so that I don’t have to go back and change all of the above?  Thanks, phew that was a close one!



  1. Cooking day here for me too. Today I made Snickerdoodles, chocolate chip bickies and peanut biscuits. I too gave up the cook books and just sit my iPad on the canisters up out of the way while I use a recipe found online. Love reading your blog as you seem to be my twin (separated at birth). I just would like to be further on down the road and NOT in full time work, but I'm not quite ready to give it all away just yet as I am not quite financially set up.

  2. My hubby is the cook in our family and even though he rarely follows a recipe religiously he loves cook books and have many many many!
    I bake and have to follow recipes and vary between online searches and books.
    Just yesterday I fished out my very old sticky plastic envelope of recipes I've had for about 20 years - when I still lived at home! The plastic folder was so disgusting that I thought after all this time I really should make another ( so I did) you must keep your books, they can never be replaced.

  3. Thanks Deb for the comments. It's always good to know that people are actually reading my blog! I sometimes think that I'm a bit boring when I read others' fascinating posts.
    Good luck with your plans for a steady financial future, it can be hard trying to do things that you want when there is so little time.

    Laura, I probably will keep all the recipe books. I love books and reading in general and I would find it hard to get rid of any! I'm like you, I have to follow a recipe religiously the first time and then maybe tweak it a bit after that. I never had much time to cook or bake before, working full time with a family, so I'm a bit of a late bloomer in the kitchen. I bet you had some great recipes in your school stash. My birthday friend is Scottish and her mother Denise, who has a delightful Scottish burr to her voice, has given me the recipe for Tablet which I plan to try soon.
    My Mum, who was also Scottish, used to make Tablet when I was little and I do remember a very, very sweet fudge which I loved. Then I'll probably have to go for a ten mile hike to work off the calories!