Thursday, September 16, 2010

Winter – Back with a Vengeance

nectarine This little nectarine tree was given to us about eighteen months ago. M’s father grew it from a stone from his tree. This is the first time that we have had blossom on it. There’s only about five blossom but even that is exciting as some people have said that there’s not a lot of luck with fruit from a tree grown from a stone. It’s still very small and as you can see there’s a fair bit of weeding required around its base.

But will it survive this icy Antarctic blast for the next three days? I have been reminded this morning that this happens every year. The days start getting longer, the sun starts to shine and we think about preparing veggie beds for summer.

Then BAM, the weather changes and it’s back to Winter again. I already have blossom on my tiny Santa Rosa plum, three flowers on the wee apricot I planted last year and the pear tree buds are just starting to open. The peach that was planted last year has quite a lot of pink buds – will they all survive these icy gale force winds, rain and hail?


The girls in the chook shed are still giving me three eggs a day, despite the weather and they still all want to come out! NOW! They didn’t get out yesterday because I thought they might blow away and I had to go out to work all day. It’s even colder and blowier (!) today but no, they want out. Maybe later, if it eases.

apricot On another note, the big box of sunshine (see previous post) has been almost used up. A box went to my book group, visiting friends have all left with pockets full and three jars of lemon and ginger marmalade are sitting in my pantry. More on that in the next post……..

Jan (brrrrr

I’m not sure if you can see the hailstones in the photo – but they’re there!



  1. The wind! Unbelievable at my place.... and the rain just did not stop. My thermometer blew away into the garden and was not happy trying to record temperatures whilst lying on its side in the rain!

  2. Yes we still have the wind, 4 days now. I'm worried about the chooks being swept up in the wind so I've warned the neighbours!
    And my little plastic hothouse is no more - broken in numerous places so I will have to replace it - soon.