Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trees in Pots

lime tree In the big terra cotta pot on the right is my delightful Kaffir Lime tree. Actually, it’s M’s but since moving in together eighteen months ago I have been caring for it. I think it is a lot happier now and keeps my friends and me in lots of lovely leaves for curries etc. and the tiny little limes, which don’t have a lot of juice, I throw in with my lemons to make marmalade. A lot of people seem surprised to learn that these little limes can be grown at all in far South Tasmania but so far so good. It won’t get any taller I don’t think but there is always an abundance of leaves and tiny limes so I think that’s fine.

The green pot on the left holds my cumquat which was given to me about six years ago as a house warming present. That’s the previous house that I lived in. I was very excited earlier this year when I saw blossom for the first time – along with the olive tree (not visible in this picture). But then a few days later all the blossom had disappeared off both trees and I have to say I did say some very rude things about the local bird population! But wait, there’s one sole cumquat surviving, very slowly growing and turning colour. So I’ll let you know.

trees in pots 

In the above photo, the large brown pot has the olive tree and the one behind, which can’t be seen very well, is a lemon tree. It’s a different lemon to the little tree in the garden I think. I can never remember which lemon is which. veggie garden And in the veggie garden we have garlic, lots of it, lettuce, Savoy cabbage, silver beet, rainbow chard, spinach, broad beans x 2 lots, celery and assorted herbs. The cabbages seem to be very long and are not “hearting” so the chooks have had a bit of a feast of those that have gone to seed already. They’re not complaining. I seem to have been lucky with regards to all the frosts that we have had this past winter but then when I had prior warning I would cover all the smaller plants with my tonic water bottle houses.

On Monday this week I planted some seeds to prepare for summer. They’re currently in the kitchen which is the warmest spot in the house on a continuous basis. This morning I checked them and wow, snow peas, sugar snaps and broccoli are already showing their little green shoots. I also put in three different types of tomatoes; Deuter Fleiss, Napoli Paste and Siberian Red; 4 zucchini seeds (I know, I know, I’ll regret that!); eggplant (I’m pushing for a poly tunnel); cauliflower; beetroot and little green squash.

I have yams and potato seed ready to plant, when I’m completely sure that we won’t have anymore frosts too. That could be next month who knows. I went online this morning and ordered more tomato seeds from my favourite company here in Tassie, The Lost Seed, so I’ll be doing more plantings next week. Finally this feels a bit more like Spring!


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