Monday, September 6, 2010

A Box of Sunshine

lemons4 It wasn’t raining today, in fact it was a lovely sunny day. So I decided that it was time to relieve my tiny lemon tree of its fruit. A lot of the fruit had the powdery black dust on them so I had to wash them, all of them. Then I put them outside to air dry in the sun.


Of course the chooks now had wind of the fact that I was outside so a riot began in the chook shed until I let them out. They like the little lemon tree and probably thought that I was being mean to it.


This is the little tree on the right and it is a prolific producer. They are only small usually but quite sweet in a lemony sort of way. We have picked lemons as we have needed them all year but today I did a real harvest as more smaller lemons are still coming.

After all, there’s only so much gin and tonic two people can drink……….



  1. Oh I feel limoncello coming on! the peel of 12 large (or more small) lemons in a litre of vodka for 3 months, shaken weekly. The strain and add up to 1 cup of syrup..... to taste. leave for another couple of weeks. Sip, over ice, on hot summer's nights.... well, that might be a challenge in southern Tas ..... hahahahaha

  2. Yes, well hot nights could be pushing it a bit but warm ones would do.
    I'm not understanding what you mean by add 1 cup of syrup (oh doh) and I would like to give this a try. can you let me know?