Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oak trees & Fig & Walnut Loaf

oak tree4

The other day Laura from Our Wee Farm blog had a post that showed her wonderful oak tree already green in Northland New Zealand. I commented that our three were still bare here in far south Tassie. Here’s the proof.


Don’t let the blue sky fool you. When I took this photograph at 11am this morning, the temperature outside was 8 degrees C.


I did promise a photo of the Fig & Walnut Loaf that I made last Friday once I had cut it. So here it is after sampling it this morning for morning tea. (During which three different friends turned up one after the other – and the kitchen isn’t that big!)

cut fig & walnut

                                             fig & walnut loaf cut

The general consensus was that it was still a bit dry. It was recommended that perhaps sherry or whiskey poured through the cracks might help. I think that if I leave it wrapped up for another couple of days that it might moisten up sufficiently. If not, well we still have the duty free whiskey on hand!


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