Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Week Later


Last week I was saying that our oak trees were not even close to green. After a few days of a fair bit of rain and then four days of glorious sunshine we can see that it won’t be long until they’re in full bloom. If you click on the pictures you will see a clearer picture – I hope. I always seem to have the wrong glasses on when I go outside to take photographs.

P1010077 The crab apple tree is blossoming well too. Last year there was hardly any blossom and no apples. I don’t know if that is normal for crab apple trees, one good year and then one bad – I’ve never had a crab apple tree before. The only trouble is that I still have a few jars of the crab apple jelly that I made a couple of years ago still in the pantry.


The pear tree is beautiful too. I’ve never had one pear off this tree. It has only ever had about six on the tree for the two summers that we have been here and they always fall off before they are anywhere near ripe. But this year I have pruned hard and cleared a lot of other useless, ugly shrubs away so there is more light and air. Maybe this year it will be different. I hope so as it has had it’s first warning already!

Whilst I was outside the chooks were having a wander (again). They do like to go as close to the road as I’ll let them. In this photo I’ve just given them a call to come back NOW!

P1010085 I think we have a bit more sun tomorrow before the colder change arrives. But I have to go to work so I won’t be out in the garden tomorrow, bummer!

Oh well, I think the weekend is looking good…….



  1. Hope you are right about about the weekend being good as I am planning to get all my vegies planted. Hope your pruning sorts out your pear problem.

  2. Welllllll Sunday is looking good, not sure about Saturday anymore. But don't forget we're really south and even Hobart weather is quite tropical to ours!

  3. Really!!!! I thought it was cold up here in theTamar valley!