Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is this Hemlock?

hemlock I know it has to be a weed of sorts as it grows prolifically all over the garden without any attention at all! It doesn’t care if it’s clay or sand, rocky or loam, dry or wet – it just grows and grows.

It looks very lush and quite pretty. I’ve had many a question from people visiting who think it’s carrots or asparagus! I know that it’s not and I had a look on the interweb but I’m still not sure.

If it is hemlock it’s supposed to be toxic to human and animals alike! The chickens aren’t the slightest interested and neither are the cat and dog.

There’s just so much of it around, if I do have to try and eradicate it I think it may take the rest of my life!

So any tips or even confirmation that it is this nasty toxic weed would be appreciated.



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