Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guilt can be a wonderful thing!

cold frame This is my new cold frame sitting in front of the chook shed. It has all my little seedlings inside and they are doing very, very well!

But where did it come from I hear you ask. After the DISASTER with the plastic grow house which I had tried to repair only to have the shelves collapse and pots fall on top of each other, I was miserable – big time. I might even have had a little bit of a sulk – maybe – perhaps. Particularly after a certain person who shall remain nameless (but He lives in this house) commented that “He told me that it wouldn’t work”. Even as I stood there numb!

The next day that certain person, who shall remain nameless, had to go up to Hobart for a vital screwdriver or some such tool. When he returned I was outside talking to a friend so I didn’t see him empty the boot – but she did. And of course I had already told her of the DISASTER and his reaction. So she dragged me around the corner of the house and there it was – beautiful.

Once more I was struck dumb. Twice in two days, most unusual. So it was quite a while before I remembered my manners and thanked him for thinking of me.

(But I still think guilt had a lot to do with this purchase though!)


ps. They’re doing so well I’ve had to remove the zucchini seedlings from the big pots and most of the tomatoes (mixed up as they are) are developing well too, yay!


  1. Nice to see restitution has occured! Glad they are flourishing! I made a cold frame using a large box and an old shower screen left over from our reno. They can be picked up for next to nothing at the tip shop in case you want to make a bigger one.

  2. Thanks for the tip Deb. I'm ashamed to say I've never been to the tip shops yet!
    But I'm still pushing for a larger grow house which was promised to me when we moved in here.
    I keep murmering eggplants - M loves them and he knows a grow house is imperative to grow them successfully here.