Friday, October 15, 2010

Babies and more babies


Rescued tomatoes, zucchini and beetroot (from the DISASTER)

Growing merrily in the cold frame


lettuce seedling

Lettuce seedlings (and my big foot) just peeking through outside


Pea seedlings that have grown in the kitchen


Teeny tiny strawberry seeds just turning green in the kitchen


Little baby pears on the tree.

Now for all of the above photographs, me being just a “point and take the photo” kind of person, will probably have to be clicked on to be able to see what I’m trying to show.

It’s these little seedlings that make me feel that perhaps Spring is here. And then I listen to the weather forecast – and guess what – more snow a-coming tonight!




  1. Snow on the hills around Cygnet this morning.... wonderful! Come and see me soon. But also, I am ready to explore "the other side of the river!!"

  2. I might just try and get over there sometime this week and I'll try nd bring my friend Sue. She volunteers at the herbarium and knows sooooo much about Tassie plants etc. She is tassie born and bred and loves to share her knowledge.
    Will let you know.
    You can let me know when you want to venture further south of the river too!