Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It’s coming down tomorrow!


This is the old, ugly and sick pine tree that blocks all the sunshine from my vegetable garden (and washing line) from about three o’clock every day. When we have sunshine that is.


sick tree3

Tomorrow the arborist is coming to take it down. We won’t be sorry to see it gone. It fills the gutters with pine needles and every time there is a strong wind I wonder if it’s going to still be there the next day. It has been a bit of a worry as it is pretty close to houses around it and it looks so sick I’m surprised it is still standing.

pink tree On the subject of trees – can anyone identify this one on the left? From bare branches in winter, the first thing to appear is this pretty pink foliage, which slowly turns to green. It’s quite small in our garden, it had been strangled by weeds when we moved in, but I have seen it quite tall around town. That’s the grand old oak tree in the background looking as beautiful as ever.

And to finish the post a shot of the pretty apple blossom on the Gravenstein tree.


We have some top weather coming up over the next few days so hopefully with the tree gone all my seedlings will burst into life. Fingers crossed everyone.



  1. Hope you saved some pine needles or soil from around pine tree for your strawberries. They will thank you for it as they are such acid lovers. Good luck with it all. I'm afraid in my opinion the only good pine tree is a gone one (apart from Tasmanian native pines of course). Let that sun shine in and your vegies flourish.

  2. Thanks Deb. M is outside now taking a photo of the massive shadow that the tree creates so hopefully I can post it on my blog later.
    Just to prove that I don't cut down trees without reason.
    I love trees but not this one - it looks so sick.