Thursday, October 7, 2010

Room to let?

P1010082 This is a little nest that has been in the Golden Delicious tree ever since we’ve been here. I think it was used the first spring, we weren’t living here then as M was still renovating, and I was busy pruning back the trees that had been neglected for many, many years. But last year and this it has remained empty.

I’ve tried not to disturb it but maybe because of the radical pruning it doesn’t give the same coverage or protection that it used to have. If it was a sparrow’s nest it’s not so bad as I think that they all like to hang out in the chook shed now! It’s not too bad in there at the moment but I don’t think that it’s due to Ron’s (the rooster) prowess as a defender of the girls, but more to the fact that the seasons are somewhat confusing at the moment.

After a number of beautiful, warm, sunny days we’re back to freezing winds, rain and possible snow today. I was just outside checking the girls and I can tell you I didn’t tarry long! I have to go back to work this morning, an extra task that the boss has asked me to do, and with the weather like this I don’t mind that much.

Little D is coming after school again today – it seems to have become a regular visit now which is nice for M. The weather like this though means that he is off the hook with regards to the fact that he hasn’t made the swing in the willow tree for her yet! It also means that he won’t have to take her outside so that she can practice her tightrope walking along the rope strung up between two fence posts! The first time I saw her doing it with Poppa M holding her hand I thought that if her mother ever sees this she’ll never be allowed to visit again! But little D has already told Mum that she is going to be a circus performer – or a hairdresser. My little 8 year old granddaughter A, in Adelaide is also going to be a hairdresser – or a police woman. The grandsons haven’t decided yet but I do think that motor bikes might come into the picture sometime. Unfortunately.

P1010087 I’m, glad that I have left the tonic water bottles on the snow peas, sugar snap peas and squash for now. Even though the peas are growing so fast that I’m worried that they might grow right out of the top of the bottle. Hopefully by the weekend we can assume that this might be the last blast of winter – again - and I’ll be able to remove the covers.


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