Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boats, Boys and Bruny Island

After another week of men clambering all over the roof, dropping screws and operating very LOUD machinery, they've all gone off on boats to Bruny Island.
The scallop season starts today in the D'Entracasteaux Channel which is the stretch of water between the town where we live in far south Tasmania and Bruny Island. They were almost drooling when they left!
Mind you, after the fortnightly men's group, which was last night, it was a very late - and slow start to the day. I know that they remembered the beer and wine but I'm not sure if they have thought too much past the scallops for food. They're not coming home until tomorrow afternoon sooooo .........
I sent a green shopping bag with M with various items - e.g. lemons to go with the scallops; fresh baked bread; green tea bags for breakfast cuppas; hard boiled eggs; fresh fruit and a bag of frozen cherries; home made gingernut biscuits and his dental floss!
In the end they didn't get away until close to midday and I can only hope that M remembered his glasses so that he can read the paper whilst the others go diving.
Frankly, I think that they're all mad, the water temperature would be about 10 degrees - if they're lucky. But they all love scallops, fresh scallops straight from the sea and into mouth and belly. And we all know how much men love their bellies.
As for me, I had a lovely quiet afternoon, washing sheets and towels and chasing chooks around the garden away from my cabbages. The sun has been shining and most of the scaffolding has been taken away from the house so it's no longer quite the obstacle course, and it's quiet. Mind you, Ron the rooster and Eddie the matriarch white leghorn will miss the scaffolding. They have taken great delight in perching as high as they dare this past week!
But, it's still not finished. Most of the roof and gutters are up but we still have the drain pipes to connect to said gutters. And did I mention that the solar panel men came last Monday and installed 11 pv panels? But they also have to come back again this Monday to finish it all off. More men and noise. But boy, will it be fantastic when it's all done!
The osso bucco that I prepared this afternoon will taste absolutely beautiful tomorrow night for dinner (I know this because I've already had a taste - just a little one) so hopefully tomorrow I will sleep in a little later than usual, have a leisurely breakfast and weather permitting get out into the garden!
That's my plan, what about yours?

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  1. Hi Jan I am envious of your solar panels. I so want to be solar and wind..sigh future

    How lovely to have your time. The weather has been spectacular hasn't it. Hope the down pipes come very soon because I think that is why we are not getting any waiting for your down pipes,