Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Love Blogland!

Because I learn so much from fellow bloggers.

For instance, this week a dear friend had a birthday and I decided that instead of the two hours round trip to Hobart, wandering around shops wondering what to buy and hoping that whatever it was is appropriate, that I would make her a little goodie basket.

Luckily the local grocer had three small baskets for sale for $12. Two have already been used for birthday gifts, so I consider them a good buy. With my friend's basket I put in a small pot of home-made plum jam; gingernuts; jam drops; butterscotch brownies and from the garden some lemons, limes and kafir lime leaves. The biscuits were wrapped in a beautiful deep purple tissue paper and the basket did look rather pretty. Now ask me who forgot to take a photo of the basket!

Anyway, at my friends small party the other night I presented her with the basket and hoped that everything would taste good. She was very thrilled and before the night had ended the brownies had been opened and sampled by quite a few of the crowd. Nobody died of food poisoning and I did receive a number of compliments too!

I then received a phone call from my friend who said that she was at work enjoying a brownie as she spoke. She thanked me profusely for the gift and said that she really appreciated all the time and effort I had put into it. That made me feel pretty good too!

But getting back to the title, I love Blogland. Why? Because all of the recipes were from blog sites that I read regularly; -
Jam Drops from Down to Earth, thanks Rhonda

Gingernuts and Butterscotch Brownies, from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial, thanks Celia

and even the plum jam was a recipe online.
I've also made a crocheted hat as mentioned in a previous post; knitted dishcloths; Orange Cake; Date Loaf; Tomato Relish; Impossible Quiche; Pasta Sauce; Ruby Grapefruit Marmalade and a host of other recipes from other sites, too numerous to mention. This includes sites that have informed me on gardening, chooks; canine ligament injuries and holidays in Bali to boot!

Not to forget Gavin from the Greening of fame, for his cheese making lessons and information on everything sustainable!

So, please, please keep on blogging. I've only been here blogging for 12 months and already I've learned so much........


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