Saturday, July 24, 2010

More birthday gifts

Yes, I made the bag to fill with a few different packages. Because of the courtesy of "The Adventures of Cassie" blog in sharing this pattern, I was able to crochet this bag in less than a week. Proficient crocheters' (is that a real word?) would be able to do it a lot quicker I'm sure. After all, I did undo it at the start a number of times. I wasn't sure that I was using the right cotton and the handles didn't seem wide enough so I added another couple of rounds there too.

I decided to wrap all the little packages separately so there were four packets of different tomato seeds; a black knit top that I had bought last year and never wore because it was too tight; a packet of figs; mixed fruit and nuts; peanuts and finally a bag of Brazil nuts. I went along the fruit and nut way because my friend likes to nibble on them during the day as it helps with her thyroid.

I also made a chocolate cake for her, thanks to "Providence Acres", and warned her husband that it was for her birthday! He has a very sweet tooth.
As you can see below, cake decoration isn't exactly my finest skill but it did taste pretty good!
Now if only I could work out how to move pictures around the blog!
Apologies for such a scrappy looking post.......


  1. Have you tried using Live Writer, Jan? Download for free; its a Windows thing. It is so much better than trying to do photos on blogger.

  2. Hi - can you give a link for the crochet bag pattern? I'd love to give it a go making one, although I'm definitely NOT proficient!

  3. Hi Daharja - I haven't worked out how to "do" links yet so the blog address is and if you click the side bar for crochet the pattern is on 29/3/08. But she has lots of amazing stuff there too. Enjoy