Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chook fanatic? Not me....

It's not my birthday today - it was a month ago. But when your friends start buying cards and gifts with a chook theme it does make me wonder.
Do I talk about them that much? Is it the fact that I do blog about them fairly consistently?
Or the fact that I have actually taken photographs of the eggs produced?
Yes, they all have names but then they all have their own personalities. Surely other people have names for their chooks?
Maybe it's a polite way for my friends to tell me that perhaps I'm going a little overboard and therapy might be the answer?
There's nothing wrong with me - much.......


  1. Joc I would have names for all mine if only I could tell them
    I have Izzie she has the blue green eyes..the rest well they all look too much

    I think I have more photos of eggs and chooks than you I was thinking it was all about the sharing of drinks that you friends were meaning..
    Do hope we can meet up me thinks perhaps we should visit you soon,

  2. Just give us some time to get rid of the scaffolds, drainpipes, guttering still to go up, screws and nails and just well crap really lying around! It can't be too much longer surely. But visitors are always welcome around here....