Sunday, July 4, 2010

Look, I made it!

It's my first ever crocheted hat - not a tea cosy! And it fits me. I'm not being funny when I say that I have a large head with lots of hair too. So hats have never been my thing because it's very rare that I can find one that fits comfortably and doesn't look like a pimple perched on top.

Isn't it amazing what one can accomplish when there are no distractions - like men wanting dinner or lunch etc. I've had the house to myself really since Friday night so in the evenings I have been able to sit and work my way through this pattern, and it worked! I did have to undo and start again a few times - well about five times. But I hadn't gone too far into it for that to bother me too much. At this point I must thank "Slow Living Essentials" blog for steering me to a really easy pattern to start with and which will now encourage me to try more. So thank you Christine.

But will this mean that all family and friends will get "Beanies" for Christmas? At the hottest part of the year?.........


  1. Jan well done. I do hope you do not mind if I check out the site you mention as I have trouble doing hats.
    Lovely to have the time for your self especially as you have had so many 'blokes' about lately.

  2. Hey go for it Aussie. I even made the flower that's supposed to go on it last night.
    Now if I can do it anyone can!