Monday, June 21, 2010

I Promise I'm not Starving

But the fridge isn't quite sparkling - yet.

What is it about cleaning fridges and stoves that makes those tasks so incredibly boring? I have procrastinated all day but I will have to do it tomorrow, I suppose, maybe, perhaps.......

As you can see, there are still vegetables in the bottom drawer and eggs and assorted condiments but not much else. My root vegetables are stored in sacks in the laundry outside, always have been, so what do I usually have filling the other two shelves?

And the answer is - I don't know! I suppose there's usually a small bowl of leftovers, a bag of mushrooms and some home made yoghurt. But that wouldn't fill the shelves. I'm totally flummoxed (what a great word that one is!). No doubt, once I've been shopping at the end of the week I'll find out what's usually there and will be complaining about lack of space again!

On another note - M and I were in Hobart a couple of weeks ago. I had been persuaded to go shopping with him as although we've been in this house about 18 months, we were still lacking a few light shades for the hall and lounge. It's not bothered me too much as we usually have the standard lamp on in the lounge but it was disconcerting in the hallway.

So against my better judgement I agreed to go.

We left home at 8.30am, it was going to be a long day as M had a pretty long list! So, first we had to get the new tarp for the boat, followed by nuts and screws for - something, a quick visit with the solicitor (I had a book with me), a stop at the lifeline op shop where HE picked up six pairs of pants for $20 (I kid you not) and then he was hungry for lunch. That's where I discovered that I hadn't remembered to put my purse in my bag - so he had to pay. At 2.30pm we finally went to the light shop. I wasn't very impressed but I was not coming up on another day so we chose some plain shades for the lounge and a green, sort of old fashioned shade for the hall.

So was that it? No. On the way home we stopped off at the supermarket and bought supplies for the next three weeks. We got home at 5.30pm and boy was Terry (the dog) pissed off! As were the chooks. Sigh.....

Luckily I had made a huge pot of soup for tea as I know what these expeditions are like and after one of them, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking.

And the six pairs of pants? Well they are all too long so guess who has to take them up. Yep, three pairs pinned and tacked, three to go..............


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  1. Hi Joc,
    Know just how you feel.
    I have a day like this planned for this Monday. It is really quite a drain going to Hobart. You have to get there fairly early to get parking if you intend to go to any shopping in Hobart itself or the hospital. It is never too bad if it is just me and I have an idea of where what and why. But when DH adds to my list as he has well I tend to forget my needs lol. Shame about the light shades not being as you would have liked. Perhaps you could add to them?
    I hate it when the poor chooks are neglected at our place. Not so bad in summer as they are never in before 8:30pm lol I am actually waiting for them to head in as I am writing.
    Only seem ot have one laying at present. the others are molting.
    6 pair of trousers that is a bargin.