Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bali - I think so

Yep, we've done it, we've booked this amazing villa in Ubud, Bali. And we've booked and paid for the air fares so on 31st July we head to Melbourne and the next day fly to Bali.
Neither M nor I have ever been before and because of the drunk aussie reputation its always had, have never really thought about going until now.
But the thought of breaking up the Tassie winter and going somewhere warm, with its own saltwater pool, and breakfast prepared daily for us, I think that it's going to be soooooo good! Ubud is heading up to the mountains so hopefully we won't find the heat too oppressive. I'm so excited, our first real holiday together in ten years! Plus hopefully all the drunks will stay down at the beach and nightspots. It does make me sound very judgmental but I feel so ashamed of the behaviour of some of our aussie population.
I'm sure I was probably just as bad when I was young and doing the British visit to the Costa Brava in Spain, following all the boys who were looking for Watney's Red Barrel (beer).
But I'm much older now and have a lot more respect for people and our planet.
So in less than two months we'll be away. I just have to find someone to dog and chook sit. Any offers?

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  1. Great Jan! Well done and I am sure you will enjoy it; Ubud is well out of the party zone. If you can't anyone to mind your chooks down there I am sure I have room for them here.