Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chickens please

I hate to say it but it is raining again today. But we have had some dry and sunny days recently. So we've finally eaten all the broccoli and today I have accepted that my brussel sprouts are not going to produce (this time). So I'll leave a couple to go to seed like I have with the broccoli and dig the rest in to the tank. I've received my package from the Lost Seed company and I'm looking forward to starting at the right time, hopefully.
We have a very depressed little dog at home. He ran under the wheels of the reversing trailer and after a mad dash to the vet it seems that he has a broken ligament in his knee. So he's not allowed any walks, which is the highlight of his life, and he's due for surgery on Friday. But as one of my friends said "How come Terry gets a knee replacement before you Jan?" Oh well, so long as the nylon ligament works and he can get back to his joyful running. He smiles so widely as he tears along the beaches, you know it's the best fun.
I'm still looking at my cheese making kit but I have acquired a small bar fridge (free!) to put maturing hard cheese in so I'll have to start soon.
The other exciting news is that M has started fixing up the old chook shed. It's pretty big and the roost bars are still sturdy. I think the chooks will find it very adequate even if it's nearly one hundred years old! And M came home from work yesterday and told me that he has met the local "chook man". He knows everything there is to know and breeds all sorts. M even asked if I could go over and check things out and got a positive response, so that's great.
I'm having some friend over on Thursday so I have a carrot cake in the oven to surprise them. They all know that I am still re-aquainting myself with the kitchen and cooking/baking.
I hope it looks and tastes as good as it smells.
In fact I'd better go and check it out.........


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  1. hi jan....so sorry to hear about terry. my last chow had many acl problems. there is new surgery now that works in many cases. it is orthoscopic and so much less invasive than traditional surgery. there is much less pain and the recovery time is shorter. with traditional surgery they can't walk on the leg for about 6 weeks. we "lived" on our garden room floor with the last pup during her recovery. we put down sleeping bags ans sat with her all day long every day. it was so sad but i think she knew it was for her own good. teddy still is not putting her leg down but i am hoping for improvement soon. best luck with terry!