Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cooking anyone?

We have our small team of employees coming this afternoon for a bit of a thank you barbecue. My partner is in the insulation installation business and this week we finished our 100th house so we figured the lads should be given a bit of a treat. I know that the partner of one of them is a vegetarian so (despite having 2 packets of instant fallafel in the cupboard) today I decided I'd make them from scratch. Well, I have crushed coriander and cummin seeds, bits of broad beans, chick peas and all associated fresh green herbs now spread into every little nook and cranny in the kitchen. The fallafel themselves are cooling in the fridge and they almost look like the picture in the book, almost. I suppose we'll find out later if they taste good.
As I said yesterday, I have some friends coming to see me tomorrow and I'm putting on a bit of lunch. The carrot cake is not only made but now iced, lots of icing and I hope that it firms up a bit. The icing I mean. I have chicken wings to marinate and I'm going to prepare the dough for the pizzas today and leave in the fridge for tomorrow. Hopefully that will mean that there is no mad rush when they arrive.
Anyway salad to make and bugger the vaccuuming. What's a bit of dog hair and assorted food scraps?


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