Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Just for a change - but we did have a good day yesterday, well half a day anyway. Long enough to cut the grass, of which we have a lot. It was getting so long and so wet we had to wait for a couple of dry days to hopefully not get bogged down on the mower. M uses the ride on mower and I have the joy of the push mower for all those hard to get to places.
But now it's raining quite hard.
Last week I was able to plant some mixed lettuces, and one of my raised gardens is now full of Dutch Cream potato tubers. I still have the Pink Eyes to plant. A friend had given me some unwanted kale and Italian parsley seedlings so I planted them and passed on the tray to my neighbour so she could have some too. I have never planted kale before and I'm not sure how to cook it etc. so a bit of research is required.
Plus, I spoke about the snow peas which I thought had been washed away during the last deluge, and planted raspberry canes in that spot instead. Well, guess which 2 little seedlings I found poking up between the canes there yesterday. Yep, 2 snowpea seedlings and whats that below, the white radish. I was just too impatient. I am also happy to report that the third planting of broad beans has popped up too. So I have three lots of broad beans at different stages.
I have four little fennel seedlings that my friend also gave me waiting to go into their own pot as she said that "the other vegetables don't like to grow with fennel". How sad for the fennel. I'm going to look for a happy pot to cheer them up. M is quite certain that I'm on the road to dementia when he hears me talking to the plants!
I've also put seeds in a tray this week, zucchini, eggplant (I keep trying to grow it), and three types of tomato. I was going to put some Purple Dragon carrots in too but then thought I'd wait a little while longer and direct plant them.
But wait, I think the rain has stopped, I might just check the blossom on all the fruit trees. Happy relaxing Sunday everyone.


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  1. Hi Joc, sounds like you have been very busy. I too have been doing seedlings, but one lot of 20 odd pots was knocked off the table they were on and have to redo them. sigh
    Re Kale, I love doing it like silver beet, and when you use it with beetroot leaves it is lovely. I just steam/boil or fry it gently. I also use some small young leaves in salad greens.
    It is a member of the brassica so you can also use it like a cabbage, though never tried it to wrap anything in to cook it.
    Nice that we have had a few sunny and warmer days. We had rain today and the fire is going now. I have some purple carrots to put in too. hope your week is good