Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not quite Feta

But it is cottage cheese with fresh garlic chives added from the garden and it does taste very good.
I will not be using powdered milk again. My friend across the road did make feta and is talking about mozarella for his next attempt.
I still want to make feta but we need to finish the cottage cheese first I think.
Usually I would be dishearteneed about my "failure" but this time I regard the whole day as a learning process; the time to take the pot off the stove so it doesn't go over the required temperature; the actual time it takes and of course no more dried milk powder.
Did I say that it was raining, again. It has been so wet this year it has made the ground too wet for young seedlings or seeds and I'm beginning to worry about a lack of vitamin D.
It's meant to be fine tomorrow so fingers crossed please.

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