Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheese at last

My first Feta cheese, not tasted yet but at least this time it has a form!
Cheese making certainly teaches patience; keeping an eye on the pot so it maintains a constant temperature, draining it for hours or overnight and then having to store it for a couple of days before trying it.
Still, it has proved the difference of fresh milk compared to dried milk. It worked as it should have and set properly this time.
My friend across the road is going to make a farmhouse cheddar this weekend but I fancy Gavin's (the Greening of Gavin) recipe for Caerphilly. Being from the UK originally, I remember the crumbly, white, tasty cheese quite well and really enjoy it. So I might give that one a go next time. But you have to wait three whole weeks before you get to taste that one, what a test that will be!
I wish for some more sunshine today, my seedlings are refusing to pop their heads up, even in the house where it should be a bit warmer.
Oh well, patience required again.

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