Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still raining

But we did have a few (2) good days without rain and I have planted a few seeds of lettuce, raddish, snow peas and three more lines of broad beans. But then it has rained and rained. For all I know it's all been washed away as there's nos ign of life yet!

In the front tank I have the last of the broccoli and behind that brussel sprouts. I have never tried growing brussels and I think I might have to write this lot off. Not a sign of a sprout and I suspect they're going to seed. Oh well, last time I tried to grow broccoli was a disaster and this time it was absolutely beautiful. The taste was so different from store bought broccoli. I have blossom appearing on the pears and plum trees, well some of the plums anyway. I think the crab apple tree will be blossoming soon too.

I have a cute little lemon tree tucked away at the back which was stifled by an apple tree when we moved in. I've created more space for it both underneath and on top but it hasn't grown any taller, just heaps more fruit coming which suits me just fine.

My next adventure will be to try cheese-making. I'll let you know.....



  1. Hi Joc, I too am feeling wet, but fortunately have been able to get out today for much needed weeding. We live up near Cygnet. I have so much water about the place I have had to give the birds life

  2. i want to make cheese too. i will be very interested in hearing and seeing how yours turns out!!!