Thursday, February 3, 2011

Strange happenings …..

contorted willow3

contorted willow2

All I was doing was standing at the washing line, unpegging the clothes, when I heard this very loud craaaackkkk!

I walked in the direction of the noise and there it was, just hanging there. Now, we haven’t had a cyclone go through, in fact not a lot of breeze at all. We did receive a fair amount of rain on Tuesday (for us anyway – nothing compared to Queensland) but I can honestly say I wouldn’t have thought that it could cause this.

I love this contorted willow tree for it’s unusual shaped branches but M is just waiting for a chance to bring it down. It’s not that he doesn’t like trees, he’s greener than me, but he knows that this sort of breakage is going to happen more and more. I have to admit that with children and pets about it could be a major hazard, sigh.

I’ll wait and see what he says later and try and accept any decision made with grace (HAH)!


ps. Although we haven’t heard from our friends in Innisfail, we are fairly confident that they are alright. I’ll confirm when we do hear.


  1. The weight of all that rain in the leaves looks like it was too much for the poor old willow. Maybe it's going out in sympathy with the trees in Qld, getting battered by Yasi. My nashi pear breaks nearly every year when loaded with fruit. The branches just snap off.

  2. I hope he doesn't cut it down, be disgraceful and threaten to chain yourself to the tree. Mr Willow will thank you for it ;-)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your friends. Considering the size and strength of Yasi, I think the north got off lightly. Not that it helps those who lost theirs homes and farms etc.

  3. Well it could have been the rain but I think the tree is just getting old.

    When M came home and I told him about the branch the first thing he said was "it's gotta go!".
    I smiled sweetly and said "I knew you'd say that".

    The tree has been tidied up with a lot of muttering about green waste, fire permits and a small chainsaw. But it is still standing....