Thursday, February 17, 2011

At Last – We have …..



And so this morning I have stewed four kilos of the purple ones and they will go into the freezer for future breakfasts/desserts. Luckily I haven’t even made a glimmer of a dent on the trees. The golden drop plums are still rock hard and the prunes probably need another week. But wait – there’s more – I’ve been able to bring in about seven tomatoes to finish ripening on the kitchen table! Only about another thousand to go…….. sigh.

I’ve had a busy week this week and guess who forgot to take something out of the freezer yesterday for our evening meal, oh doh?

So it was back to the pantry and fridge and this is what we had with a green salad


Yes, the old tried and true egg and vegetable flan. I used to make this many eons ago when my daughters were small (they’re now in their thirties) but back then, as a working mother, I used frozen pastry and vegetables, and I’m ashamed to say, not free range eggs. This time it was pastry made from scratch (this is very new to me and still exciting), our own eggs and most of the veggies from the garden. I haven’t made any cheese lately so it was Tasmanian cheese on the top. It tastes as good cold as it does when straight out of the oven so I think I’ll make this one again, and not wait so long about it either!

Well, better get going, the grand-daughter is coming after school today and I’ve promised that we will make cakes …..



  1. You're a good example for self sufficiency. The quiche looks delish and I'm impressed that you make your own cheese!

  2. There is nothing more satisfying that eating our food that we have grown ourselves. Your flan sounds fabulous.

  3. Thanks, I do feel really impressed with being able to eat food that I've grown. It's still a new sensation and I can be really boring talking about how excited I feel growing and eating the produce! Just don't get me started....