Sunday, February 13, 2011

Everything is green


These tomatoes are the ones that have been outside since November – still green



This is also outside and there’s only about twelve plants in the tank – obviously too many and still green!




This is how they started above



One of the twelve spaghetti squash on the vine in the grow house


Apple cucumbers in the grow house – we could be eating them for ever


A new planting of radishes which I sowed about six days ago


Taken from outside the grow house. You can see how the corn is bent over as it’s so tall now. The first cob should be ready this week.

I forgot to take a photo of the one little rock melon in the grow house. I am hoping for more but it may be too late in the season as we are not having much sunshine at the moment. The eggplants are also coming along but I’ll be waiting a while for them I think too.

It’s so frustrating seeing all these green tomatoes. I haven’t even bothered to mention the ones in the grow house, but yes, they’re green too! I’ve managed to bring three inside to finish ripening but have yet to taste one. Luckily the lettuce, zucchini and button squash are at least coming inside. The snow peas and sugar snap peas have finished so I’ve planted some more in the grow house next to the corn and they’re coming up well. It’s been a very poor show for beans this year and everyone is saying the same, not enough sun this summer.

However, the plums are into the kitchen, even the greengages, and pretty soon there will be so many I will be busy stewing and freezing. I had twelve peaches on my little tree and those that are left are sitting in the fridge.

The girls are all laying again and now the fence has been finished are finally allowed out to free range again. They get so stroppy if I’m a bit late letting them out too.

But I have a problem. Our property backs onto council land and the local skate park. We have a large wire gate directly opposite the skate park which I keep finding open. Then I saw the kids opening it so that they had a better and longer landing space when they did their speed tricks with their bikes. So, after being asked not to open the gate because of the dog and chooks roaming etc. and then told not to open the gate etc.etc. I went outside and there it was again, wide open. So I told them again why I don’t want them to open it. All I can say is that their ignorance is only matched by their offensive language and threatening behaviour! But that’s not all. It’s also reinforced my suspicion that I AM getting old! I find that I have less patience and empathy with young people and then they called me a silly old bat. (with a few f words sprinkled through). I’m not that old surely!

So now I’m plotting my revenge. It could involve barbed wire or electric fencing ……

No, not really, I can only dream.



  1. It's hard to have empathy with people who disrespect you and yours so openly and rudely. How dare they open your gate!

  2. The other problem is that as they skid to a stop they push all the gravel into the grass so it has made mowing a bit of a hazard! I'll be glad when the kids go back to school.