Saturday, February 19, 2011

The weather for boats?



It hasn’t stopped raining all day, and it’s even a bit chilly. I didn’t think that chooks liked the rain but my lot are out there, sheltering by the boat.

Perhaps they know something that I don’t and want to be close to it, a bit like Noah’s Ark.


Naturally, Lulu the renegade is off wandering on her own. Ron the rooster dislikes the rain so much he’s not chasing after her. Neither am I.

Come back summer, please.



  1. Tell me about the boat. It looks huge, is it a yacht, a fishing boat, do tell! I love boats.

  2. Well, surprisingly enough it's not a sailing boat. M has always sailed, from small dinghies to the Sydney - Hobart race in 2005. Apparently this is a cruising vessel, and will cost an arm and a leg to buy the diesel required to run it. It's M's BIG project and has been sitting in our front yard for almost two years now. It's the old catch 22 situation, when he's earning the cash needed to work on the boat he hasn't the time to do it and when he has the time he doesn't have the cash. We had hoped that it would be ready for the wooden boat festival this year but no. So maybe the 2013 festival. One finished it will have 8 berths, galley, huge saloon and shower and toilet. We hope to do a couple of trips to Port Davey on the west coast and then moor her in Hobart as our "town apartment". I think there's a lot of celery top pine and huon pine on the boat but as I get wobbly climbing the scaffold onto her I haven't been inside for a couple of years now.
    If she ever gets in the water there will be such a huge celebration - I think the whole town will watch!

  3. What an absolutely relatable story. I do understand the catch 22 and we get caught up in that also. My husband, Roger was on Helsal2 in the 1997 Sydney to Hobart but after the really bad one 1998 (I think) they tightened the safety rules (understandably) and Roger didn't have enough sailing hours under his belt to ever do it again. We had a small yacht called "Better than Chocolate" which we recently sold as we now prefer just going fishing so have a small half cabin cruiser. I hope your boat becomes your Hobart apartment as its fun. I used to spend much of my time in a 40ft yacht in Constitution Dock in 1986. The trip round to Port Davey sounds a real treat so here's hoping it happens for you. Take care