Thursday, April 1, 2010

Renegade Chooks

It was after 7pm before all three girls were back in Peckingham Palace last night.
The main rebel (and I suppose she is still a teenager in chicken years) was Louise (Lulu) who is at the front of the picture.
She hasn't integrated with the other two and is quite a loner. She wanders off and does her "own thing" in the garden and it's only occasionally that she will sit with the other two close to the nest. I was quite surprised that Eddie didn't boss her about last night and order her in!
M and I had decided to leave the door open to see if they would wander in as a group. When I went to have a sneaky look, Lulu had wandered in but the other girls were relishing their freedom in the evening air. A couple of stalks of silver beet sorted that one out. M had already given up and gone to have his little lie down before dinner. Luckily I didn't have to prepare anything as we were having pork and apple sausages which are always cooked on the barbie and leftover vegetable curry, which I was going to zap in the microwave. Otherwise it could have been a very late meal which doesn't agree with M's digestion.
I'm not sure about letting any of them out today but the sun is shining and I will feel a bit mean if I don't!
The road workmen are back again today but we're hoping that this will be the final day and that the road will be sealed - no more dust. I have cleaned all the surfaces, trying to think positive, so all the reminder notes that I had written in the dust have gone! Was this wise I wonder? M has gone to finish a building job in the next town so I have a choice of mowing the grass, planting seeds, clearing the veggie patch, stewing apples or a million other jobs around the place. Whoever said that retirement was a time to relax was obviously a lot older than me!
Anyway, I'd better go and do something constructive.
Have a Happy Easter everyone.

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  1. Hi Joc,
    My girls are now all in bed usually about 7pm they take themselves. We used to attempt to get them in to their coop but so often we would end up chasing them not

    I love it when dinner is quick and easy. We are having left over risotto tonight. Zap in microwave, and done.