Friday, April 16, 2010

Forestry Burns

This is what Kate from Vegetable Vagabond was talking about yesterday, forestry burns. This fire was started about three hours ago, just over the hill.
I've been in Tassie eight years now and this happens every year, around Easter time, and I'm still not used to it and I still hate it!
They don't light the fire until around 3pm and then you can kiss goodbye to the sun. This of course means that the temperature drops by about five degrees and you can forget about the rest of your washing drying outside.
Besides all the points that were mentioned in Kate's blog, these fires cause real problems for people with respiratory problems. There is a very high incidence of asthma in Tasmania amongst children - I wonder why?!
There has to be a more efficient, environmentally friendly way of doing this. But then that means change, and the old, old story of "We've always done it this way".
There are some days when there will be a number of fires lit around various country towns, and depending on which way the wind blows, sometimes even Hobart gets the fallout.
It is criminal that woodworkers, carpenters, artists or anyone that works with timber is not allowed into the coupes to salvage the precious old growth, beautiful wood prior to these burns.
It's one of the very few things that I dislike about Tasmania, the small minded forestry department. It makes my blood boil!


  1. Oh Joc it was so bad today, my eyes have been stinging and it just hangs all over the river. We thought we had fog this morning or river mist, well there was a bit, but the smoke YUK> Yep I put my washing out and a while later the first smoke was rising. Tourists in at our markets were all complaining, and asking us why we put up with it? My Dh says exactly what you do about salvaging the wood. He is a woodturner, and has a passion for wood. He built and designed our home timber. It doesnt seem to matter when Easter falls they begin the burn offs. I was talking to a lady from victoria who says they do not have burn offs in their region for years now, they push all the waste material into rows, about the stumps and let it all rot and compost, they plant the new trees in the cleared tracks and the piled up rows of timber waste make wind protection provide habitat for animals and insects, and enrich the soil. Her friend was also sharing about how in Norway they basically choose a tree and helicopter it out..straight up no damage to surrounds.. not sure how it works..not very carbon friendly but darn site better than burn offs maybe.
    I thought we had volcanoes, or nuclear Armageddon near us. Hope all is well and I still hope to meet you one day in person. De-arne

  2. Hi Aussie, we've had fires every day since Friday, just over the hill it would seem.
    This morning it is as you say smoky but looks like fog. I still have this stupid cold, day 10, and I just cough and cough.
    I like the way you said that the Victorians are doing it, much better than burning. Mind you, the way things are going maybe they won't be able to sell our timber for wood chips to Japan for too much longer. I can only wish.
    I hope you and yours are good and that "the girls" are still laying.