Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dog with Talent - Not!

As can be seen in the photo, Terry has grey paint on his tail and body. We haven't been employing slave dog labour here, he just likes to be around M whatever he is doing.
We had to wait to finish painting the outside of the house because of all the roadworks and the clouds of dust that were produced.
So last week M decided that he would try and put another coat of paint on the side. The next day it rained and it became apparent that the paint was not dry. It wasn't just the fact that we could see the paint dripping onto the concrete, no, Terry brushed past in haste to see who was passing the house and came back looking as if he'd aged in five seconds with a grey streak on his tail.
He doesn't care about it - he just looks depressed in this photo because he's been stuck in the house all day today. I let the chooks out reasonably early today and they are refusing to go back in (again). I've been out there on a number of occasions now, chook, chook chooking and offering wheat to no avail. So Terry is inside and miserable.
I have warned the girls that there'll be no outing tomorrow at this rate but they're just wantonly ignoring me. They know I like their eggs and they'll hold them to ransom I suppose..........


  1. Poor Terry.
    I do hope your girls are back inside and Terry has had some opportunity to get out today.

  2. Yes he did Aussie and he also had a lovely long walk on the beach, which is his favourite. I actually have to go up to H'ville today so the girls are not going to be happy stuck in the shed today. Although it is raining so maybe they won't mind too much.
    M is working on "The Project" (boat) so Terry will get to stand guard outside (under cover of course!).