Friday, April 9, 2010

Chicken cat.....

This isn't a post about a cat stuck up a ladder. No, Fiddle the cat can get up and down with alacrity now, after all that's where the lovely warm left over insulation is stored. Better than a doona.
No, I cleaned out Peckingham Palace today and put some beautiful pea straw down for the chooks. I made the nest bigger so that both Eddie and Thelma could get on at the same time without sitting on each other (although the pushing and shoving will probably continue).
The girls were out, visiting spots in the garden that they weren't supposed to visit, i.e. the vegetable garden where I had just planted some seeds and under M's boat.
When it was time to return to their lovely clean home I had my usual treat (bribe) for them, wheat with a few sunflower seeds mixed in and lo and behold, who is curled up and fast asleep on the nest but Fiddle? He was most upset at being evicted and so were the girls. Upset I mean. They all went straight back outside and I had to repeat the return to the shed routine thirty minutes later. Only to find Fiddle the cat back on the nest asleep again......
He's always been an individual.

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