Friday, February 26, 2010

Pecking Order?

No pictures yet but we collected another two chooks last night.
I thought Eddie would be pleased for the company. But first she had to establish herself as "The Boss". Boy, she gives the new girls a tough time. I've got her outside (the dog is inside, shut in the lounge) at the moment to give them a break.
She chose to chase and peck the older of the two girls who has just started laying. And then that one decided to have a go at the youngest! This is how bullying works isn't it?
I haven't decided on names, maybe Thelma and Louise, as they are going to have to be tough whilst Eddie is so puffed up with self importance. She is seriously puffed up too, feathers all out and strutting.
But I did get one white and one brown egg this morning so hopefully we'll all settle down soon.

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