Monday, February 22, 2010

And then there was one - RIP Patsy

This week is not going to be good. Today my dog, Terry, who is a terrier, got into the garden and killed Patsy. He knows that he's not allowed to go near them but I suppose the temptaion was so great.

I rescued her after hearing Eddie's (the other chook) loud clucking but he had to be pulled away. I took her back to the shed and sat with her a while and then slowly her head dropped and her comb lost colour. So I lay her on the floor and she died.

I'm so upset about the way that she died.



  1. Oh that is sad.... and when you have only just got started too. What I learned from having chooks is that farming animals/ growing food for a living must be very difficult and ,at times, heart wrenching when so many things can go wrong.... it has given me a more sympathetic view of the plight of farmers.

  2. Thanks once again. I've definitely more sympathy with farmers now! Although they probably don't get soooo familiar with their chooks. But I know when the wind just about wiped out my broad beans I was really upset too. It would be a very hard career choice to work on the land I think as you just can't control the weather!

  3. Oh I am so sad to hear of Patsys death. HUGs I can only imagine how upset you would be, especially as your loved Terry was the culprit. Thankfully Toby is not going into the chook run much at all these days.