Friday, February 19, 2010

Where to next?

The tomatoes are still green, all of them, it's quite depressing. But I suppose it's teaching me patience. The zuchs are still coming, as are the beans, lettuce and rocket. I don't really understand it as this summer has been the best with regards to lots of sunshine and warm weather. I suppose when they do all come in I'll be very busy in the kitchen!
There's something happening with Eddie the chook too. She started laying on the 1st February and then Patsy started a week later, so for a week I was getting 2 eggs per day. But this week Eddie has laid some very strange ones. There's been a couple of water bombs (eggs without shells), one of which had two yolks and one one day she laid the water bomb and then another tiny water bomb. Luckily Patsy has carried on as usual so I am getting one egg at least. If I didn't know how young Eddie was I'd think she was menopausal!
Then to top it off, both M and I were made unemployed today by Peter Garrett. Yes, we were in the insulation business but as of now the program is dead. It is meant to start again by June, (how we're meant to survive (and our work team) with no income until then he didn't say) but with the changes planned, I can't see our local population being able to afford to pay up front and then claim it from medicare. So the scheme that was meant to assist the battlers will become totally out of their grasp. Okay, rant over, it's just that when you comply with every rule and regulation, and wait sometimes months for the government to pay what they owe you, pay all costs to ensure that staff are trained as required, to have your business taken away and have to tell staff that there's no more work, it stinks.
Anyway I'm sure something will turn up.
Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Oh goodness.... that is so awful for you. What a mess they made of what seemed like a great idea. Maybe if Peter Garret grew some hair it would give him a brain. There must be someone better for that has such potential. I sure hope something turns up for you soon.

  2. Thanks Kate. It's all been a bit crazy and M has emailed various pollies stating the problems. He had high hopes that this was going to be the beginning of the govt. taking climate change seriously and has suggested that they continue to fund "green" careers if they think that insulation is too hard

  3. Joc OMG what a horrible time for you and all your employees. To stop a programme like that (snap of your fingers) with no thought of the immediate consequences to those who were employed to get the job done. It is a travesty especially when you hear he was meant to have known the problems for a long time! One thing is that at least you have your garden which is a help.
    We have due to DH illness gone down to just living off his part pension and income as I currently need to be at home with him and to go to work for 14 hours away is to hard for me. So our income has dropped by a substantial amount.
    My thoughts are with you both and those of your employees and I am sending positive vibes your way.