Monday, February 8, 2010

Should I say it?

The possum is gone. We didn't catch her, we just watched which opening she was using and after she went out for her usual nightly stroll around the garden, M fastened up all the holes.
Apparently there was a bit of a ruckus (can't spell) upon her return but I didn't hear it and for now we are possum free. Terry seems a bit disappointed but he's not meant to be running about anyway!
The little bandicoot though, seems to really like the possum trap and we have to keep freeing him - he's not learning fast.
The really big news though is that on Monday 1st February, Eddie delivered her first white egg. Unfortunately it did not have a shell so Terry was given a treat. But on Wednesday and Friday last week, she delivered yet again. Not in the nesting box of course, but she pulled her own little nest of straw around and I know where to look each day now. Those eggs and the one that came this morning are all perfect. She's obviously a union gal and doesn't work on weekends!
She must have forgotten that today was a public holiday in Tasmania!
Patsy, the other leghorn is taking her time but I don't think she's far off now. Perhaps she'll be a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday kind of girl.......


  1. I love chooks too, JOC, and am so looking forward to getting some in Cygnet. Are there any predators in Tasmania? Foxes are such a pest on the mainland. Nice work with the possum.

  2. Hi Kate, well, we're not supposed to have foxes BUT, there has been some reported traces, usually up north and I think the govt. has a task force looking into it.
    So there's the usual snakes and wandering dogs if your yard isn't fenced. I've not seen a snake in my yard yet phew!

    My cat seems amused by the girls but the dog Terry really just wants to play chasey and they don't! So Terry is in when they are out.
    Let me know when you come over won't you?