Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still Shy

So it's Louise (Lulu) the youngest girl in the front, Eddie, the white leghorn (the matriarch) and Thelma having a little lie down. The pecking order is well in place now and the new girls haven't been allowed out of the palace yet. I have encouraged them (Terry locked in the lounge in the house!) but Eddie is denying them the pleasure. I thought I would let them try and work it out for themselves but.....
The other thing that might be putting them off is that the council is digging up the road, big time. You name the piece of heavy machinery and I've had it outside the front door from 7am every morning this week! The first day I thought that all my pictures would fall down and that the wine glasses would be shaken to tiny pieces. But so far so good and we are getting a bit blase about the whole thing. Except Terry, he howls every time the house vibrates!
I'm getting two eggs a day, the brown ones are considerably smaller than the white ones but that could just be because of Thelma being a fair bit younger. I'm sure that they'll taste just as good.
I have been so glad that I have fruit and vegetables in the garden. I haven't had to go to the supermarket for four weeks now. Naturally I buy milk locally but I have been able to feed us both with homegrown fresh produce. The eggs have certainly been a bonus and we had a half a happy cow in the freezer from our friendly farmer. (Not sure that the cow would be happy now but I do know that she had a very good life and death).
So with fruit, veggies, cheese, yoghurt, jam, bread, biscuits and a happy cow, all is well in the far south. So far........

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