Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I say Tomatoes

Well, after waiting for sooooo long, the tomatoes are now coming in very fast! I have Roma's, cherry tomatoes, Deuter Fleiss and the yellow ones (can't remember their real name). So today I cooked up 2 kilo's of them into tomato relish. I've never made relish before so I followed the recipe exactly. But it didn't thicken very well, even after I doubled the cornflour at the end! So I'm hoping that once its cool it won't be so runny. Otherwise it will be called tomato sauce!
And did it make a dent in the tomatoes that I have all over the kitchen - nah.
I am collecting two eggs per day now so I made a zucchini impossible pie (for the first time). Yes I'm still collecting zuch's, but I didn't have bacon so I added anchovies instead and how does this pie thing work? I was amazed that it had a base, just like a pie, but I hadn't put it there! Life is full of mysteries sometimes.
It's very windy here today so I'm keeping an eye on all the apple trees and I'll collect apples tomorrow that have fallen.
The roadworks are STILL happening, three weeks now and they reckon it could be after Easter before it's finished. The wind is blowing the dust into every nook and cranny and I'm now writing notes in the dust in the house to remind me to do things - like dust! The vibrations from some of the machinery are unbelievable and the constant beep beep from reversing trucks has lost its magic!
We had a couple of friends over on Saturday night to watch the election on television and still have fingers crossed for the Greens to gain that extra seat. But what a great result vote-wise for them anyway. I'm afraid to say there was a fair bit of carousing chez nous that night. Consequently Sunday was a trifle slow and lazy, but that doesn't happen very often.
On the work front we're still getting the odd call for insulation installation, but only small jobs so I'm very grateful that I have home grown veggies, fruit, eggs, cheese and all the other stuff that I have learned to make in the last six months. Plus, I have a stockpile so we're not going to starve any time soon.
And, I've been asked to do a couple of hours bookkeeping for a friend so I'm bringing in a bit of cash too. That makes me feel good.
I hope you week is great too.

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  1. I am so looking forward to meeting you tomorrow Jan! I have some recipes for you so bring a USB stick if you have one.