Saturday, March 27, 2010


Have I mentioned M's little project before?
This boat has been in our yard for 12 months and a friends yard for the previous 3 or 4 years!
M loves projects. This is to be our apartment in Hobart (eventually). I'm sure it will be magnificent - if he only had the time to work on it! I'm not sure if the size of the boat comes across but it is BIG. There are 8 berths, well there will be. It's made from King Billy pine but it's not a sailing boat, it' a cruising boat. I just hope we can still afford the diesel when it's finished.
M is very talented with all sorts of things, it's the finishing part of the project that's the problem. But then you hear plumbers' partners complaining about no taps, electricians' partners complaining about no lights so I guess that M is just running true to form.
But I would like to get back on a boat soon.......


  1. Hi Joc, wow what a beautiful boat. We have been away for several days at Cradle Mountain so I missed your posts. We came home to several kg of tomatoes on our door step, plus several more cherries for making into sauce. yummo. Yours looks great. We should all meet up sometime. There are a few ladies I meet up with from Simple Savings site. We meet up in Hobart and will be meeting up in on the 10april. You may be interested. Other wise meet up down your way.
    All my girls are laying now. Something wonderful about having so many eggs you can share with neighbours.

  2. Hi Aussie, I'm so glad that you are taking time out to visit the beautiful spots in Tassie. I've yet to get to Cradle Mountain.
    I'd like to meet up with you and now that Vegetable Vagabond is in your neck of the woods we could start our local group of bloggers! Check out Vegetable Vagabond's blog, I'm sure you will be interested and then who knows....

  3. Yes please...I'll be in that, Aussiemade and JOC!

    Don't worry Jan, finishing that boat is one thing but getting it in the water will be quite another!

    Vegetable Vagabond.