Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Project Finished!

No, not the boat. That will be many, many, long years yet. And no, not the house. But then is a house ever truly finished? Usually when you start a “little” job on a house it ultimately will involve “other little jobs”, and so it goes on…… I’m not referring to any knitting or crochet and of course cooking and baking is always on the go.

It is actually something that M has been talking about doing for a couple of years, since we moved into our current house. The timber for the project has always been in the shed, as have the tools. But last week the project bug hit and every day he went out and worked, using the noisiest tools I’ve ever heard! But it was all worth it as can be seen below.


We have used a wooden outdoor table and chairs in the kitchen for two years. We always had a tablecloth on the table to hide the hole in the middle for the outdoor umbrella! That was okay except the salt cellar kept slipping into the hole!

But now I have this beautiful celery top pine and myrtle wooden table that is the perfect height, so it’s functional as well as beautiful. It’s almost an optical illusion happening, as the new table is longer and higher than the old one and yet the kitchen looks much roomier. I just love it. I can’t stop walking past and feeling the smoothness and warmth of the timber.

Thanks M, a job well done. It was definitely worth waiting for.



  1. Gorgeous, Jan.... I bet it feels like those amazing boats at the Wooden Boats Festival that everyone was running their hands over.

  2. Thanks Kate, I will say that M is very proud of it and he does like to run his hands across the surface.
    Unfortunately I missed out on the Wooden Boat Festival this year as my foot was pretty bad that weekend and I couldn't walk or stand for very long. I bet it was beautiful though.