Thursday, March 3, 2011

Plums, Plums and more Plums

plumjam                plum jam


I have made the plum jam and stewed and frozen 22 kilos of the juiciest, yummiest plums from the garden. They were all Victoria plums, black on the outside and green/yellow on the inside. I didn’t get enough greengages to cook as we ate them all up fresh! I now have three trees of prune plums to tackle, sigh. If it ever stops raining I’ll start picking them tomorrow.  When I stewed the plums ready for freezing, I put freezer bags into yoghurt containers and scooped the plums into the bags. Once cooled down I fastened the bags and put the container (with the bag inside) into the freezer. The next day I remove the bags from the containers and I have nice little blocks of frozen plums and all the containers back to use again. I think that the freezer is going to be full of fruit, as after the plums I have rhubarb and apples to process. I have numerous apple trees so I will dry some too. I’m happy to say that I have been able to bring some tomatoes into the house and that the next batch of radish and lettuce are ready too. The spaghetti squash is taking over the grow house and I do wonder about cooking it. I’ve already given two away to friends who have cooked them before. The little rock melons are still that – little. I just don’t know if we will have enough warmth for them to complete their growing cycle. I have lots of flowers on the eggplants too – but no fruit. But I will not give up!

I went off for my dentist appointment on Monday only to be told that he couldn’t do anything for me and that he would refer me to a peridontist (? apologies for spelling) as I have a gum disease that needs fixing. I did ask what would happen if I didn’t do anything and he sternly warned me that at some stage I will lose my teeth! I have a referral and an appointment requirement for a full mouth x-ray prior to me visiting the great man…. Naturally I haven’t made an appointment -  yet. I will do it, sometime. I’m such a wooz when it comes to things like that. I’m just not used to medical and dental stuff as I’ve been fit and healthy most of my life. I’m not sure that this ageing thing is all that it’s cracked up to be!

It seems that Tasmania has decided to skip autumn altogether and go straight to winter this year. It’s 10 degrees outside – 10 DEGREES. And wet and windy. I have  a winter jumper and socks on today, as I did yesterday, and probably will again tomorrow. If anybody has any influence over the weather patterns, could you put a word in for my tomatoes? Please?


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